How much does a divorce cost?

What is the cost of divorce if you file it yourself?


If you file your own divorce without making any mistakes and you are not exempt from paying court fees, your divorce filing fee will cost you £550, which is the court-filing fee to apply for a divorce.

The £550 court filing fee covers your entire divorce process.

Previously it was £340 to file for divorce, plus £45 to file for your decree absolute, which then got increased by £25 to £410, which covers your entire divorce process.

Please be aware that if you do file for divorce yourself without any help and you make mistakes on your divorce papers, you will incur additional costs to your divorce of up to £120 for each mistake, or you have to complete a fresh exemption application.

How much does a divorce costs if we help you file for divorce?

If you choose to use our DIY Divorce Service, where we complete all necessary papers you’ll need to complete your divorce, your divorce will cost £609 in total.

  • DIY Divorce Service - £59
  • Court-filing Fee (if applicable) - £550

Total cost of your divorce using this service is £609.
Total cost of your divorce using a solicitor is £1,250.

How much does a divorce cost if you handle it for me?

QuickeDivorce charge a one off fixed fee for your divorce, for us to manage your entire divorce process including the drafting and filing of your divorce papers, along with all communication with the courts and judge.

Using the Managed Divorce Service your divorce will cost you £719.

  • Managed Divorce Service - £169
  • Court-filing Fees (if applicable) - £550

The average cost of a divorce with a firm of local solicitors is on average £750 + VAT.

So, using our service could save you over 50% on the cost of your divorce compared to using solicitors, at a time when you need to save as much money as you can.

How much a divorce costs if you need a financial consent order?

Like our Managed Divorce Service, we will manage your entire divorce process for you, but along with that we will obtain you a legally binding consent order.

A consent order is a legal document that protects your finances after divorce and prevents any future claims even after years of being divorced.

To file a consent order with the courts, you will need to pay additional court fees for them to process it for you, see below.

The total cost of your divorce using this service and obtaining a consent order is £869.

Using a local solicitor you should expect a bill of over £1,250 plus VAT + court fees for the same service, meaning you are saving over 50% on the cost of your divorce with this service.

Do you need a consent order with your divorce?

To find out how much does a divorce cost, you will need to know whether or not you need a financial consent order to legally separate your assets and finances within your marriage.

It is advisable for everyone to obtain a consent order, as that is the only way to protect your finances even after several years of being divorced.

You can start your divorce proceedings first and then decide later on to obtain a consent order if you are looking to keep the cost of your divorce down, or break up the payments required for the divorce and financial consent order.

How much does a divorce costs using local solicitors?

Local family law solicitors charge hourly costs of up to £200, typically ranging between £120-£150 for a straightforward divorce.

This takes the cost of your divorce to over £1,000 for a relatively simple paper process as there are no disputes to the divorce.

With any of our quick and simple online divorce services above, you are able to have your divorce dealt with quickly and easily without a solicitor if both parties are in agreement to the divorce and filing an uncontested divorce.

The court fee of £550 is usually the biggest cost when filing an uncontested divorce, but you may be exempt from paying it if you are on a low income or receive certain benefits.

If you need advice or information about the court fee exemption rules, please call us on 01793 384 029 for a free consultation with our friendly advisers.
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