How much does a divorce cost?


How much does it cost to get a divorce?

This is probably the biggest question people ask when considering getting a divorce.

Many people will have heard the horror stories in the tabloid press about divorces costing many thousands of pounds, with lawyers fleecing clients as they rack up costs.

How much your divorce costs you will depend on many things, which we aim to help you understand by reading this post on how much it costs to get a divorce in the UK.

Court fees in divorce

Regardless of how you choose to apply for divorce there is a court fee application to pay of £550.

The current court fee of £550 has recently been increased by the government from £410, which took place is March 2016.

This means that unless you are on a low income or receive certain benefits that enable you to apply for court fee remission, your divorce will cost you at at least £550.

Choosing how to apply for divorce

Now this is where saving money on your divorce comes in...

The average cost for a divorce in 2015 using a solicitor was £722 + court fees.

This was for uncontested divorce cases where both parties were in agreement with the divorce and had no disputes to settle.

We have helped over 150,000 couples get a quicker, cheaper and more stress free resolution to their divorce compared to using high street solicitors.

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The reality versus myth of divorce costs

The divorce part is actually the bit that does not need to cost the earth as it is essentially an administrative exercise.

The average cost if you went to a high street solicitor in 2015 was £722 + VAT + court filing fees Source: law Society gazette.

Of course if you cannot agree about how you are going to split your assets and other finances then you may find the bills racking up and the cost of your divorce will head in to the thousands.

Why does divorce cost so much?

lawyers cannot charge you a flat fee if you are not in agreement and negotiations and legal advice are needed.

This is because they don't know how long it will take or how much work will be needed.

In cases like this, they have to charge an hourly rate based on their seniority. These hourly rates can vary considerably from law firm to law firm and region to region.

London lawyers will charge £200 + per hour whereas lawyers in Swindon might be £150 per hour.

How to keep your divorce costs down

  • Manage your emotions - Keep a calm head and do not get drawn in to battles.

  • Do as much of the administration work yourself such as photocopying, gathering documents etc.

  • Consider going to mediation before resorting to a lawyer.

  • Do the divorce part online with Quickedivorce for just £169 fixed fee (not £722!) + court fees.

  • Be practical and don't fight for every last penny or knife and fork as this delays the divorce process and can incur additional fees.

  • Consider using solicitors firm that will charge you for portions of work rather than by time.


We hope this bite size blog post has been helpful in giving you an insight into how much your divorce might cost you and how you can keep your divorce costs down.

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