DIY divorce can be quick and simple if you do it correctly

What is a DIY Divorce

What is a DIY Divorce?

A DIY divorce is not for everyone and should only be attempted if both parties are happy to proceed and deal with all aspects of handling your own divorce.

Solicitors will tell you until they are blue in the face that a DIY divorce is a bad thing, when in reality it isn't.

The truth of the matter is that as long as the divorce petition is completed correctly, then the actual process of getting a divorce in England and Wales is quite easy.

The divorce petition is the main document in any divorce and has to be completed according to a set of rules, known as The Family Procedure Rules which were updated in 2010.

These mysterious rules deal with every aspect of the divorce procedure and the average Joe or Jolene would find them a nightmare to follow.

However, at QuickeDivorce, our experienced case managers know the divorce law inside out and therefore guarantee to complete your divorce papers correctly first time without any errors for just £59.

One of the big bug bears about people filing their own divorce forms without help is that they complete the forms incorrectly, which causes massive delays, extra court fees and work for the court staff.

Why you should use QuickeDivorce for your DIY Divorce

  • Quick Turnaround - Have all necessary divorce forms completed, checked and sent to you within 24 hours.

  • Guarantee - We guarantee that the divorce papers we send to you are correct first time with no errors.

  • 50% Cheaper - Save over £500 compared to using solicitors to draft your divorce papers for you.

  • No Stress - We complete everything for you, ready to sign and post into court to start your divorce proceedings.

The advantage of obtaining your divorce through QuickeDivorce is that we can prepare your divorce petition correctly, so you avoid making any mistakes and incurring additional court fees and stress.

There is no need to go alone on your divorce process or to use expensive solicitors. We will complete your divorce papers, check them and post them to you within 24 hours.
DIY Divorce Service - £59

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