Can’t afford to get divorced, try crowdfunding it?

Crowdfunding a Divorce

With legal aid a note in history, divorce filing fees set to rise and people on middle incomes still feeling the pinch, we often have unhappy people on the phone, who simply can’t fund a divorce, even an amicable one and that got us thinking, what other ways are there to fund a something that you need but don’t want to get into debt for? Eureka, what about that crowd funding thing?

It was Rachel Elnaugh of Dragons Den fame ( Twitter @RachelElnaugh) that got me thinking about this, as she has just started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to launch her new book. So thank you to Rachel for the idea.

See her campaign here

Next, I googled “divorce and crowdfunding” and lo and behold I found a number of sites where people are asking the paying public to donate as much as they want to help them with a variety of legal problems.

Here are just a few of the ones I found that have people asking for help and have actually raised money. I haven’t been able to find a UK based one with divorce funding, but it will only be time before this takes off.

After all we are so used to our friends and family raising money for good causes online, why not get them to help with your divorce, after all a lot of people helping with a few pounds will soon add up to thousands for those lawyers’ fees.

Funded Justice

Dedicating Dollars


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